I have been getting a large amount of emails/IM Messages asking how to buy certain Crypto Currencies. I have decided to run a daily post on www.DigitalCoinsNews.com with the best information I can find to help everyone out. Today we are going to talk about Verge Coin (XVG). Currently Verge Coin (XVG) has a Market Cap of almost $2.2 Billion USD. At the time of this posting Verge was trading for an average of $0.15 cents a coin. (Dec 29, 2017 at 10:00 am CST) you can keep track of the latest statistics for Verge (XVG) here:https://coinmarketprice.com/graph.php?id=XVG

I have tested the following method out and it seems to take about 10-15 minutes for the whole transaction to complete. First you will have to create a Coin Base account. Please use my link here if you do not have a Coin Base account: https://www.coinbase.com/join/53e78911fda86e2e60000006

Once you create your account you will have to connect your bank account and get verified via Coin Base. Once you have been verified you will have to decide what Crypto Currency to purchase. Currently you can purchase Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC) via Coin Base. Next you will have to open an account with another exchange to buy Verge (XVG). I currently use the following Exchanges and will share these with you now.You can check the current Market price of each of these Crypto Currencies here: https://coinmarketprice.com

You can use the Exchange called Binance. I like Binance becasue they seem to have alot of different coins you can trade in their system. Please sign up with Binance with my referral link. It will be greatly appreciated! https://www.binance.com/?ref=11705616

You can also scan the QR code to create your account.

Once you have your account created you can send over either Ethereum, Bitcoin of Litecoin to your account. once you are in Binance click the Funds link on the top right side and choose Deposits/Withdawls link. Goto which crypto currency you would like to trade and copy the wallet address. Once you have this go back to Coinbase and click on Accounts. Choose the Crypto you would like to send and paste the address in the field. From my experience it takes approx 15 minutes for Ethereum transactions to complete with Binance becasue they run 30 confirmations via the Blockchain. Once you have been confirmed goto the Exchange tab and now you can Buy some Verge Coin! Please let me know if you have any questions! I hope this helped you out and I will be posting as many Crypo Currencies that I can in the coming weeks.

Also do not forget to join my Verge Coin (XVG) Facebook group found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/372666109811061/

Below is some more information on what Verge Coin (XVG) is and how it can be used.

Verge Coin Mission Statement:

Our mission is to empower people around the world by bringing blockchain transactions into everyday life. Verge currency makes it possible to engage in direct transactions quickly, efficiently and privately. With Verge currency, businesses and individuals have flexible options for sending and receiving payments. With the flip of a switch, we offer helpful integrations and tools that enable them to handle large scale transactions between merchants and small scale private payments.


Verge Currency is a cryptocurrency designed for everyday use. It improves upon the original Bitcoin blockchain and aims to fulfill its initial purpose of providing individuals and businesses with a fast, efficient and decentralized way of making direct transactions while maintaining personal privacy.

Here is the official Verge Currency Twitter page: https://twitter.com/vergecurrency

Here is the Unofficial Verge Currency Facebook Group with over 6000 members! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2035728303314171/?fref=nf

If you like any of this information please donate some ETH, LTC, BTC or Verge to the following addresses! Any donation would greatly be appreciated!

Verge Wallet Address: DTgWcA7nwFC9N8a5pHk2ij1kgKaqbRNqj1

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