Buy, sell, trade, store and spend crypto currencies all in one place using Apollo’s web and mobile app.

Apollo DAE (Digital Asset Exchange) will be the first true competitor to Coinbase’s Bitcoin exchange monopoly by offering similar and better services. Just last month, Apollo took steps to secure funding by launching a token sale, also know as an ICO. Once their token sale is completed in January, they will open their exchange worldwide to everyone looking for a better alternative.

Coinbase has been the go to place to send new cryptocurrency users, making it easy for them to charge customers massive fees and slack off on customer service, exchange security, server uptime and more. There is no good alternative, leaving users shackled to their exchange. This is the same experience for almost all cryptocurrency exchanges out there. Apollo’s goal is to break these chains and finally bring healthy competition to the cryptocurrency realm by offering better and more services for less.

Everyone hears about Bitcoin these days, but very few people truly know how to use it, where to buy it, and what the heck it really is. Apollo will break down the knowledge barrier that keeps people from using cryptocurrencies by offering tutorials, classes, videos and more. Anyone will be able to use cryptocurrencies once Apollo opens for business next year.

Currently planned services:

  • Easily buy, sell, and trade crypto currencies 24/7 with almost no downtime.
  • Store crypto for free in their secure offline vaults.
  • Use a connected debit card to make purchases anywhere Visa/Mastercard is accepted.
  • Send crypto to friends, family or businesses without knowing what a wallet address is.

About Apollo DAE:

A digital asset exchange that provides users a platform to buy, sell, trade and spend cryptocurrencies (aka Digital Assets). Apollo has been silently building their exchange platform and operations since early 2017 and is planning to launch in Q1 of 2018. Apollo is currently raising capital through a token sale until January, 2018.

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