Well I didn’t think I would be writing 3 high milestones for Bitcoin in one day but here we go! Bitcoin as of 4:45 PM CST has hit a new all time high of $14,000! Wow! This is unprecedented. Do you think Bitcoin is gonna keep going or is the bubble gonna burst? We are keeping an eye on it here at Digital Coins news. Will update you on the progress of this breaking story. You heard it here first! be sure to follow us on Twitter and check back for new stories! DigitalCoinsNews.com Twitter Page. 

Another project that I am working on that will be going fully live tomorrow 12/6/2017 is a site called www.CoinMarketPrice.com. its been a long journey to get all of these sites up and going but its been fun. Check it out here: www.CoinMarketPrice.com

Please comment below to let us know what your prediction is for the price of Bitcoin. At this rate it seems it may hit $15,000 by the morning. Do you think the bubble will burst? Lets debate below!

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