ACCoin — Possibly The Single Most Important Crypto-Coin You Have Never Heard Of

ACCoin is the coin representing “final settlement” within the unique, 1-of-a-kind, ACChain Digital Asset Conversion, Exchange and Settlement Eco-System. This final evolution of the digital revolution — “Blockchain 3.0” as some call it — makes possible a myriad of custom coins (all branched from ACCoin) anchored by real, provable, assets. Monitored, verified, and secured via the Blockchain.

This single fact alone makes ACCoin different from some 99% of all other digital currencies and tokens now available.

Real ownership of real assets in digital form. Ownership which can be converted (“redeemed”) vertically to and from the anchored asset; or horizontally into literally thousands of other digital coins/tokens/cards/apps. Even, if you like, into (and out of) the fiat currency of your choice.

Think of the “Transporter” in Star Trek. Onscreen, the change between matter and energy happens in mere seconds, yet viewers grasp that the technology underpinning the system is hugely complex.

So it is with the ACChain “3+2 Eco-System,” a fully-structured, carefully planned and comprehensive solution that was initiated back when Bitcoin was barely a gleam in Satoshi Nakamoto’s eye. (The very first iteration of ACChain was built over a decade ago on a private form of distributed network, and later retooled and optimized when the public Blockchain was launched.)

Other coins may offer a limited form of digitization, but only ACCoin was conceived from the getgo to offer a veritable universe of conversion and digitization solutions, limited only by the imagination of the Issuer (and, of course, subject to pre-approval by the worldwide ACChain community).

ACCoin is also the third leg of the world’s premier “digital currency tripod” — along with Bitcoin and Ether — that together form the first-ever Digital Currency Basket, or “A-SDR.” The A-SDR is in turn managed by IDAXC, the International Digital Assets Exchange Council.

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All these components and subsystems, taken together, permit for the first time a responsive and interactive digital conversion Eco-System — decentralized, open-source, and consensus-run — which has the potential to offer not only more cost-efficient “trustful” transactions; but also to open new, previously unavailable, markets to literally millions of individuals and businesses worldwide.

This is how the five (“3+2”) critical advantages of the ACChain model come together:

1. Issuance of digital assets

Potential Issuers can apply to start the process toward issuance of digital assets following an affirmative vote from the applicable regional ACChain Community.

2. Circulation of digital assets

Includes the dual acts of Redemption and Transaction. ‘Redemption’ is the option of converting digital assets back into their anchored (real) assets via the ACChain Redemption Center; ‘Transaction’ refers to the exchange of the asset for digital assets of similar or equal value (i.e., while remaining registered on the Blockchain.)

3. Settlement of digital assets

Remittance and settlement of cross-border trade or cross-region payments, and even final settlement via the digital asset exchange platform into fiat currencies.

4. The ACChain Community

“Rewards” are available for such supportive actions as copying the general ledger, communicating with other members, redemptions, etc.

5. The ACChain Application Platform

To date, ACChain has met every milestone established since their ICO. The open-source application platform is constantly improving.

ACCoin is traded as “ACC” on coin exchanges. Many coin exchanges will be adding ACC to their existing portfolios in 2018.

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